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Challenges presented by Nokian Tyres

Sunday July 22th 2018

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The Challenges : Endurance events with maximum singletracks

There are these mountain bike trails that drive us to surpass ourselves by giving our utmost. In which we are deeply concentrated for quick and precise movements although filled with boundless energy and unparalleled pleasure. This is what you will live through one of the three challenges in East Hereford.

Four (4) challenges: 15 km, 32 km, 52 km, 70 km.  For each challenge, there are plenty of single tracks with a lot of “flow”. Even if we have never seen the tracks, we drive at full speed. There are a lot of slopes and we are happy to cross supply points (Ravito). Finally, each challenge goes back down to the finish line in “La Bobine”. We complete our race breathless but with a big smile in our face.